Classic shirts :      a collection of high quality 100% Cotton 2 ply fabric selected from the finest mills, we integrate the traditional qualities of craftsmanship with contemporary style.

Casual shirts :     a collection of casual wear and classics sportswear, 100% cotton, oxfords, flannels, and cotton fabrics selected from the finest mills, incorporating the brand logo.

Tops :    a collection of jersey tops,incorporating the brand logo.

Accessories :      a collection of hats




AMAL ALLALI  is a Moroccan born British designer. He studied architecture at Artec in Morocco, then at EMSAT des beaux arts in France.

He first made a hat collection, and started selling from the famous Afflecks Palace.   He then worked with many british brands and  within a year his work  attracted a lot of interest,  after showing his first menswear collection.   However, due to the lack of funding, the collection had to be stopped.   This experience had not stopped him from carrying with his dream, he started studying Business at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Now he relaunched his menswear collections with the experience he gained and by collaborating with new suppliers.

The AA ALLALI  label, mixes classic, modern and sportswear, to give freedom and simplicity.

ALLALI and the device are a registered trademark 

ALLALI is a registered trademark



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